Tuesday, 6 March 2007

MI5 PAS system

Want to know what the new British Intelligence mind control system is all about?


Richard Tomlinson has been sending me the latest new way to control recruits or rather 'slaves' of the system via the internet.

'Boxing' is a faster and more economical way of programming a slave (and for that read agents AND officers.)

What it essentially means is that the recruit is given a hypnotic drug and then asked to think up a word which will remind them of a command. In the Illuminati system, this used to be called the 'fruit and nuts' of the system. The 'fruit' is the basic programming and the 'nuts' are the 'alters' i.e. different personalities created by mind-splitting. See Wizard of Oz mind control programming for more details on this.

British Intelligence have tended to use the most innocent and innocuous word groups, for this purpose e.g. food. For example if a master programmer tells an agent or officer and within the conversation refers to 'wild salmon'...this is code for someone who has done a 'Salman Rushdie'. Joke? NO.

Basically this means that an agent or officer has gone AWOL and needs to be recaptured and got back under mind control. It is a call for 'mobbing' - a search and recall command.

Suicide commands are also put in e.g. an agent or officer may receive an email or phonecall from a superior to 'call me'. This is code for 'call ME'. 'ME' being a rather well-known psychosomatic disorder that a growing number of the population are suffering from. The superior has issued a command to get an officer/agent on the receiving end, back into line with a direct threat to their health and personal safety.

Tomlinson has sent me many examples of the way agents and officers can be controlled via email. If anyone would like to see them, please email me: johnsaunders77@hotmail.com

'Boxing' is particularly relevant to these emails as there is a system embedded in them: basically there is a rainbow-coloured box of text regarding stocks and shares - if you run your cursor/mouse over it - a boxed word will appear. If you were an agent/officer, this box would be read at a subliminal level. The order/command would be processed and carried out without full consciousness of having been ordered to do it.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a way of reproducing these boxes on 'Blogger' yet and so I have pasted the rest of the 'Illuminati' text for all to see. It won't make much sense to those who know nothing about how they operate but a great deal to those who do. In the example given below:

Howard = Stephen Daldry
Sylvia = Stella Rimington
Bubba = Richard Tomlinson

I have also included several other British Intelligence posts to show the general insanity and deluded thinking of these people. Most of it is about mind control systems using quasi-computer jargon, although they also add the general gossip concerning what other operatives have been up to recently.

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Beatrix Tolbert wrote:
From: "Beatrix Tolbert" To: <3049fjru@yahoo.co.uk>Subject: Tool - AenimaAn album showing that metal can also be intelligent, well-played, andthat it's ok to have variety.Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 02:37:09 -0800
The only thing I can think of that came close was Ximian's ExchangeConnector, and even that is fairly limited in scope. Having to respin the tarball anyway made me submit the patchto the release team together with some good arguments on why this patchmakes sense.
On the one hand, they might be right.
It then carries on checking for non-whitespace characters.
On the other, sharing maintainership is IMO both possible and preferable.
Groups and RangesGroups and ranges are very very useful.
Not even, say, Antitrust ? In this case, the assertion is a negative assertion. In our case, there seems to be a fairly natural distribution of maintainer-related tasks. Groups and RangesGroups and ranges are very very useful.
After that they went back to writing theregular catchy surfpop tunes with bubblegum contents, and apparently thesinger doesn't want to hear about his "failure" disc anymore.
After that they went back to writing theregular catchy surfpop tunes with bubblegum contents, and apparently thesinger doesn't want to hear about his "failure" disc anymore. This cheat sheet is a useful tag reference for both HTML and XHTML. A mail from Jeff about GStreamer not sticking to release processes.
On top of that, there is code that needs to bewritten, because the code playing back this format CANNOT be GPL.
For people that don't know the game, apparently it's a variant on a gamecalled Mafia. Consider the following code:".
So now my fake user is happily running GNOME head again, and I can finallyfix some nautilus-media bugs again. What's more, I tried to convince snorp that this really is an issue, but for some reason he thinks it's not a problem and "they should just use build-buddy to build the packages".
There is a fairly healthy group of scripts already available, and many more surely on the way.
A truely tragic loss.
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Basically our plugin issomehow failing to cope with a resynchronisation after a seek.
It should just let you in. This cheat sheet is a useful tag reference for both HTML and XHTML. 4 days agoAdd a CommentSyndicationIf you enjoyed this post, keep up to date with RSS or Atom. I'm not the person who needs to be convinced in this case.
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Bernard wrote:
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The deluded and diseased minds of brain-dead robots.

What an advertisement for British Intelligence.

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